The Cafe


Our cafeteria is located in the Millenia Building in Marsa.  It is a warming space which is open for all to come and enjoy.  We pride ourselves for giving a service truly from the heart.  We love what we do and we love doing it for you.  Our staff can also guide you if you really want to know more about what to eat and how.

Find a full copy of our drinks menu at the bottom.  As for the food, every lunch time we offer a self-service buffet, Soya Burgers, Wholemeal Baguettes plus a special of the day.

Below are some of our favourite picks!

Super Sahha Green Smoothie – Daily fresh smoothies with live enzymes to rejuvenate and cleanse all your systems on a cellular level

Enzymatic Cocktails – Our unique organic fermented grain juice is full of lactic acid bacteria to boost the flora and fauna of our intestines

Soya Bean Burger – Our burgers are 100% home-made from the burger to the bun to the salsa.  We make our own buns using spelt flour and other fantastic ingredients like sprouts.

Buffet – Eveyday we offer a choice of grains, legumes and cooked veggies alongside our 8 salads and 5 dips.  Plus our homemade saurkraut and selection of sprouts.  Nothing could be more exiting for you or your health.


Our Drinks Menu